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Zarfund Explained

Want to earn 126bitcoins in just over 4months. You can achieve that in Zarfund Luxuriant team.

                                                What is ZARFUND?

Zarfund is an online peer to peer (people to people) investment platform. Created August, 2016 by Hannes Jordaan, a South African, and verified by Bitcoin worldwide.

It is a Bitcoin earning subscription network that works with the binary method of network marketing to build members and earn compensations at every level upgraded to.

How does ZARFUND work?

When you join ZARFUND you join a community of like-minded members who are interested in building a formidable team and in the process earn bitoins.

The building takes place in twos and all you have to do is register, upgrade and get two downlines.
Our subscription membership is private and you can only join by being invited through a member's subscribe link.

How do I join ZARFUND?

Send a mail to [email protected] and you will be be sent the link to join or just fill your details in the comment section below.

Is ZARFUND available worldwide?

Yes, ZARFUND is available to anyone with an internet connection, a Bitcoin wallet and the willingness to become a member.

if you are new to bitcoin you can read all about it here.

The whole steps of registering, getting a bitcoin wallet and upgrading is carefully shown in screenshots in the document listed.

Please take out time to follow it step by step to completion.

 Why do I join ZARFUND?

This is just a few reasons to join invest in Zarfund.

Zarfund grows your bitcoin account.
Bitcoin is the highest performing currency of 2015 and 2016. It is the most expensive currency today and here is just a few reasons you should invest in bitcoin.
1.            Dollar is crashing against Bitcoin.
2.            1bitcoin is now $1000. (Feb, 2017)
Bitcoin is not affected by inflation and cannot be controlled by any government.

How it works: 
Zarfund 2X6 Matrix
Upon immediate registration, you are without a level or designation.
You get to level 1 by donating 0.03btc (approximately $30).
This qualifies you to refer two persons and receive 2* (0.03btc) from them. You have a 0.06btc potential at this level.  You donate 0.05btc out of 0.06btc to upgrade to level 2 and make a 0.01btc profit.

Level 1: 2 * 0.03btc = 0.06btc (2 * $30 = $60)
Amount to upgrade to level 2: 0.05btc ($50)
Profit: 0.06btc – 0.05btc = 0.01btc ($10) First stage

Level 2: 4 * 0.05btc = 0.2btc (4 * $50 = $200)
Bitcoins to upgrade to level 3: 0.1btc ($100)
Profit: 0.2btc - 0.1btc = 0.1btc ($100) Second stage

Level 3: 8 * 0.1btc = 0.8btc (8 * $100 = $800)
Bitcoins to upgrade to level 4: 0.2btc ($200)
Profit: 0.8 – 0.2btc = 0.6btc ($600) Third stage

Level 4: 16 * 0.2btc = 3.2btc (16 * $200 = $3200)
Bitcoins to upgrade to level 5: 1.0btc ($1000)
Profit: 3.2btc – 1.0btc = 2.2btc ($2,200) Fourth stage

Level 5: 32 * 1btc = 32btc (32 * $1,000 = $32,000)
Bitcoins to upgrade to level 6: 2.0btc ($2,000)
Profit: 32btc – 1.0btc = 30btc ($30,000) Fifth stage

Level 6: 64 * 2.0btc = 128btc ($128,000)
Profit: 128btc ($128,000) Final and Sixth stage.

These may look or sound difficult to achieve but we are here as a team to achieve this. Our goal is to do this as a team and we will sponsor the ads we have running on the various social media platforms to achieve this.
We will have a level fee for every team member of 0.01btc and weekly meeting on goto meeting to ascertain the weekly achievements of the team and to welcome the new members that joined that week via our online programs.
Join the Luxuriant team and gain financial freedom. You only need to join and upgrade once paid to and we have a system that would work day and night for you. We have youtube videos and facebook ads to enable people see the tremendous opportunity in Zarfund and as you know: hot cakes sell itself.  With our strategy, getting downlines is 100% sure.

To join send a mail to [email protected] to send you the link to register. Please don’t register to any other link supposedly sent from another mailbox.
Note: Should in case you don’t hear from us immediately please be patient. We have so many people trying to join and we need to place everyone properly on the 2X6 matrix to ensure we follow a first come first serve basis.

Also you will be notified when to pay to upgrade so we don’t miss anybody.

Welcome and relax while your money works for you.

How do I join ZARFUND?

Luxuriant team
                                                   LUXURIANT TEAM

Join the Fastest growing Zarfund Team and Get Downlines by Just Joining.
* Are you finding it difficult to convince someone to join a program?
* Are you finding it difficult marketing a product or service?

If your answer to the above questions is YES, this team is for you.

Join the Luxuriant team and gain financial freedom. You only need to invite your 2 people to visit this page or our youtube channel to see how, because with our vibrant team, getting downlines is 100% sure.

"If you think taking risk is expensive, try poverty." - Samuel A

Please send a mail to [email protected] and you will be be sent the link to join or just fill your details in the comment section below.

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