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Are you tired of losing money online

                       Are you new to the cryptocurrency market and thinking                        how can I plug in and make profits?
                Are you looking for a genuine business with legal backing                  to prevent a loss of your capital?
                 Are you tired of losing money online and want                        something you can trust?

        Look no further:

                                                 USI- Tech is the company for you
USI- Tech is the company for you

With the increased interest and volume of the cryptocurrency market. There is lots of money to be made from it. Bitcoin and the blockchain technology is booming all around the world and countries are adopting and legalizing its use. Even the UN is in its final stages to adopt bitcoin and ethereum as a tenable currency.

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Cryptocurrencies is the new age currency

 and since our world is globalized by computer networks. Cryptocurrencies have come as a digital currency to enable commerce take place beyond borders and without a third party.

USI-TECH takes advantage of this boom to create a cryptocurrency and forex products that allows you plug in and profit.

USI-TECH is not a new company but one that has a 10 year foundation of creating automated wealth building 
softwares capitalizing on the world’s largest financial markets and has been creating profitable outcomes for high networth individuals.


USI-TECH was launched in Nov 2016 to bring these proven wealth building systems to everyone.

USI-TECH is registered in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, Ras Al Khaimah – RAK, with registration number ICC20160282, and has its headquarters in Dubai.

The founders of the company are:
1. Joao Filipe Fernandes Severino - A software development expert with over 20 years’ experience.
2. Ralf Gold -  A trading expert, with 30 years’ experience in trading and finance.
3. Horst Jicha - With a corporate finance background in commercial securities.
4. Mike Kiefer - The company’s ambassador and expert in network marketing.

USI-TECH has been cleared by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and FTA (Free Trade Agreement) in the US, legalizing its existence. Check Alexa Rankings,  most of its investors are from the US. This is a feat most online businesses cannot boast of. Most   don’t operate in the US.

Below is a video to prove its clearance. 

The company has two basic products from the cryptocurrency and forex market.
1. The cryptocurrency product: 

USI TECH cryptocurrency product

                                                   Packs of bitcoin costing 50Euros each.
You can purchase up to 500packs in a month and these are all put into mining, trading and arbitrage.
Every BTC Pack pays you back 140% of its value at an average of 1% each working day for 6 months. You can also withdraw daily as the commission comes in.


 You choose to buy more BTC Packs with your profits & earnings to compound your earning potential.
If you Re-Buy BTC Packs with 100% of your returns for one year you’ll multiply your initial outlay up to 5 fold.

2. The Token Package: 


Techcoin ICO was launched at the 1st anniversary of USITECH  in London, 28th October, 2017. 

Here is a October 30th screenshot graph of the first 48 hours of USI Tech's TECH COIN ICO launch. As you can see the total supply of TECH will be 500,000,000 million tokens with a current number of 3,729 purchasers for 16,324,200 million coins sold.

volume of techcoin bought

As at today the 5th of December, 2017. 65,090,400 Token coins have already been sold. Here are the cost pre ICO and will surely increase in dollar value when it hits the exchange.

techcoin packages

This token in itself has a great earning potential. Investors earn on it daily through the week too.

How much money can you make as a REFERING Member?
If you choose to recommend this wealth generating solution to other people you can be rewarded financially.

Earn commissions on BTC Package commission from your personal referrals, and up to 12 qualified levels of referrals in your network.

BTC Packs
Earn 10% on BTC Pack sales of personal referrals
Earn 3% on BTC Pack sales of 2nd level referrals

wake up with a smile

       You can start your journey now and wake up with a smile on your face every morning.
     Knowing money is available to spend. One more worry crossed.

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                          Next, Buy some BTC packs and after 3 confirmations.
                You will receive an email stating your order has been approved.
                Your journey begins and you will start earning daily from today.

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