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Sunday, 24 September 2017

What is the best investment today?

What is the best investment today?
Bitcoin Price (Jan 2017 to 24th Sept, 2017)

What is the best investment, you ask? 

Today we are burdened by a constant seeking of genuine investment opportunities to grow our finances, and if we have been listening or just living in this planet this year. There is no better investment like the investment in bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been phenomenal this year. To believe that it started this year with just $1000 and in just 8 months jumped to near $5000. That’s 500% increase and it retraced to about $3,000 upon BTCe announcement of a stop in its trading activities and now it is towering towards $4000.

Now, If you know just simple investment principles. You will not sell out during market fluctuations.  Let’s borrow from the wisdom of Warren Buffet: You buy to hold. Don’t sell with market fluctuations. The market was meant to fluctuate with news but you are to ensure you don’t put your emotions in it. What’s the worse that could happen. You earn back your $1000 which is not possible seeing the world’s acceptability of bitcoin.

For those who are afraid, never before has there been an answer to the financial problems of the common man like the appearance of bitcoin. Bitcoin eliminates the international money exchange problem and allows you deal with the user or recipient directly anywhere in the world. It also has proven a better store of value than Gold. There is no governmental interference and It is now in use in Asia to the US and the UK and one that you are not afraid can be stolen. What could be better than that? What is the best investment today? Bitcoin is the best investment for today.

Now, there are so many investment platforms for mulitiplication of bitcoin today- Please be wary of these. People have realized bitcoin will keep rising in value and they have come up with various bitcoin investment platforms to ensure they grab as many bitcoin as they can. Unless one you can verify and are sure of. Don’t put your bitcoin in there. Bitcoin value has been projected to get to $10,000 and it may even go higher since it has a limited number in circulation. So a lot of these schemes are just to grab as many bitcoins as they can. So be careful out there. Learn from the wisdom of Warren Buffett: Buy and Hold.

Friday, 1 September 2017

USI-TECH: How genuine is it...

USI-TECH: How genuine is it

USI-TECH: How genuine is it?

USI-TECH was launched in Nov 2016 as a new online investment and cryptocurrency investment tool.

USI-TECH has been cleared by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and FTA (Free Trade Agreement) in the US, legalizing its existence. 
Check Alexa Rankings,  most of its investors are from the US. This is a feat most online businesses cannot boast of. Most don’t operate in the US.

                         Cryptocurrencies is the new age currency 
and since our world is globalized by computer networks. Cryptocurrencies have come as a digital currency to enable commerce take place beyond borders and without a third party.

USI-TECH takes advantage of this boom to create a cryptocurrency and forex products that allows you plug in and profit.

                                                                  You can sign up immediately here.

                                                               Want to know more, read more from here