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Friday, 12 May 2017

Bitcoin’s Future is Brighter than Any Other Asset

Bitcoin has come to stay and it is right now the best asset to trade on worldwide.

For the analyst and prophets of doom that insisted it would fork along the way. That is not happening and bitcoin has proven itself to be the defacto asset for investment. If you are serious about investing and you have not started learning or investing in bitcoin then you are leaving too much on the table.

Bitcoin’s Future is Brighter than Any Other Asset

Bitcoin on the rise from Dec. 2016

Bitcoin has been on the rise from december 2016 when it was going for less than $1000 and now have  increased to over $1800 in just over 5months.
This truly in incredible as no asset would give you that ROI. Its acceptabililty is even baffling and worldwide it is known and accepted even in the most unlikely places you can think of.
Some tuition today is paid with bitcoin. Business to business are already transacting commerce today in bitcoin.
99bicoin a bitcoin website has a list of where and where it is accepted today and you can look it up here
Other than that countries that were at first against its use are now opening up communications as to how it can be used for commerce and regulated there.
Countries like Japan, South korea are opening up to bitcoin and this is causing its price to rise and would rise even more as India, China etc are joining the league of nations that use bitcoin.
So get on the train now as this is the biggest financial revolution ever and only equal to the internet changing the printing press.